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Level 304:-

In this level you will have to collect 60 striped candies. There are 3 rows of question candies present at

the bottom of the table separated by 2 rows of concrete blocks which you will have to break 5 times for

removal. You have 50 moves to complete the task.


• Match the question candies at the beginning and try to make a combo of color bomb – striped


• Try breaking the concrete blocks wherever it appears the weakest so that you have more space

on the table and more chances to make combos in fewer moves.

• Make as many combos as possible so that there are plenty question candies coming from top

which will increase the opportunities for special candies.


• Don’t worry about the moves and try to make multiple combos of color bomb – striped candy. If

you are able to do this then you will boost your scores very high.

Note: – Clear the move bombs and chocolate coming from question candies as soon as possible since

they will end a good game or eat away other special candies.

Level Objectives:

- Collect 60 striped candies

- Get 60,000 in fewer than 50 moves


1 star: 60,000 points

2 stars: 135,000 points

3 stars: 165,000 points

Player’s thoughts:

I tried for the multiple combos and this level was cleared pretty easily. But it could have been tough if I

hadn’t got those combos. If you don’t waste the opportunities & take care of the bad by-products of the

question candies then this shouldn’t be much of a problem.